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  1. lift chair leather loaded Calgary NW
    Full Featured Lift Chairs leather
    Our Full Featured lift chairs offer additional features not found on our basic lift chairs. Both of these models offer adjustable trays and cup holders plus the Mercury offers heat and massage and real leather upholstery for the ultimate in luxury!
  2. Traveling folding light weight scooter
    Folding flex traveling scooter
    Folding traveling portable scooter . Light weight. Easy to carry. Fits in a trunk. Good for holiday/vacation traveling. Medical Supply Cal;gary NW
  3. Sitting walker for knee and lower leg recovery. Non weight bearing
    Sitting walker
    Sitting walker used for recovery from knee and lower leg injuries . MAinly used for non weight bearing applicationsThe person sits on the chair with the injured leg extending on the bar in the front. The person propels with the other foot
  4. wheelchair rentals medical supplies calgary NE knee walker scooter
    Our New store front NE
    Home Care store wheelchair knee walker rentals NE
  5. Equipment used in the bathroom for safety covered by aadl.
    Aids used in the bathroom
    Aids to assist fall free and safe bath and toilet use. raised toilet seat for height increase and rail for standing up, bath seat for fall prevention and safe bathing, transfer bench, tub bar
  6.  Compression Allure  medical socks for vericose vein  treatment
    Medical Stockings for pain and swelling relief
    Compression stockings can alleviate some of the symptoms from varicose and spider veins,
  7. Lift chair recliner for easy lifting for elderly from sitting position
    Lift chairs for power lift recline
    Lift chairs are engineered as a lifting aid for seniors and those with health issues.
  8. Sheer medical stockings socks for fashion compression
    Sigvaris sheer medical stockings
    For moderate and more severe symptoms: The medical collection is designed to ensure correct fit.
  9. loaded power scooter cobra for disabled people
    Cobra fully loaded power scooter
    Mobility scooters are usually battery powered. It has a seat over three, four or now five wheels.
  10. knee scooter rentals calgary nw
    Knee walker rental sales
    knee walker for ankle recovery. Low foot non weight bearing. Medical supplies calgary
  11.  Portable scooter colibre for easy carrying shopping.
    Colibre compact light weight scooter
    Invacare Colibri three and four wheel micro-portable scooters .
  12.  aadl manual walkers equipment walker for elderly people
    Manual walkers
    A walker or walking frame is a tool for disabled or elderly people
  13.  Hospital bed package fully elecrtic  for patient room
    Home Care hospital bed fully electric
    Hospital beds and home care beds are specialized for people who are bed-ridden or must spend a lot of time in bed.
  14. Power Mid wheeled motorised chair
    Mid wheeled mobility chair
    Power chairs are easy and convenient. Whether choosing your first power wheelchair or your next power wheelchair,
  15. sigvaris leggings medical stockings compression venous medical supplies Calgary
    Sigvaris leggings
  16. CPAP machice fully automatic. Medical Supplies Calgary, Drive Medical. auto adjust. 3-20 cm H2O
    IntelliPAP®2 AutoAdjust® CPAP System
    PulseDose® Heated Humidification System – A truly innovative approach to managing rainout in the patient tubing and mask by providing humidified air to the patient during inhalation and dry air during exhalation PureView™ AutoAdjust® Algorithm - Our most advanced algorithm yet, PureView™ offers improved sensitivity to a full spectrum of patient events from a simple obstruction to the most complex apnea, providing the most comfortable therapy experience possible based on the patient’s natural breathing pattern Connectivity – With Bluetooth® standard on every unit, staying connected with patient therapy has never been so easy The SmartLink® App allows patients to view their therapy results from their smartphone and transmit this data wirelessly for download into SmartLink desktop software

Normal hours NW & NE:

Weekdays Mon - Thur:
​ 9 AM to 5.30 PM - NW
​10 AM to 6 PM - NE
9.00 to 5.30 PM NW
10 AM to 5.30 PM  NE
10 AM to 3 PM NW and NE
Sun and Public Holidays

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Medical Stocking fittings:

Our fitters are Calgary's best in terms of training, experience, and dedication. One of our main fitters has been with the company from the get-go in the year 2003.
Medical stockings is our main business and so we make sure the fittings are done right and consistently. 
We carry a variety of stockings from several manufacturers such as Sigvaris, Jobst, Baufiend, Venosan, Mediven, Juzo

Our fitter will assist you in determining which stocking will be fit based on the style, individuals leg size and built.

What if you don't have time to visit us for fittings? We will do at your site fittings and sales. You have to gather 4 or more people with Drs prescriptions at your workplace.

Prescription stockings may be covered by your company insurance coverage. Please call them to find out.

Our Stores are

- Centrally located NE and NW
- Montgomery and Horizon area
- NW Easily accessable from 16th Ave and
  Home Rd NW (Aide of traffic light)
- NE Easily accesable from 32nd Ave
- Only 5 minutes West of Foothills
and Peter Lougheed Hospital
  Hospital and 15 minutes from Down Town
- Free Parking
- Parking next to the store doors
Our Staff:
 - Are trained, friendly and professional
 - Qualified, passionate and caring
 - Will explain and fit before selling
 - Offer long term relationships
Our Mission:
- To make a positive difference in
   people's lives and daily living.
- To assist people to remain healthy
   and active, recover from surgeries and
   Injuries by offering appropriate equipment.
- To use our experience and training
   to best   address our clients with their needs.
  1. batik prescription stockings
  2. Black knee high stockings
  3. Managing Director

               Ourt new  NE store:

- A purpose built Home Care supply store
- Not a pharmacy or converted othopedic store
- Offer large selection of products
- AADL, WCB, NIHB and private Insurance Dealer
- Centrally located
- Hancap friendly
- Has extensive selection of Lift Chairs and scooters
- Our staff is trainned to fit and serve you better
- We have service and repair facility
New light weight knee walker with basket
only $350 no GST

Special discounted "NEW"
4 wheeled walker only  $259 no GST 

Special deal 4 wheeled walker
ProBasics® Flame Red Deluxe Aluminum Rollator
Easy-to-clean, padded seat for improved comfort and ease of care.
Padded polyurethane seat flips up to reveal a large, zippered compartment
Easy-squeeze, locking loop in-line brake system makes braking easier
Durable, lightweight aluminum frame folds for easy traveling and storage
Padded backrest for increased comfort can also fold up or be removed
Easily adjust handle height for a custom fit
New light weight sitting knee  walker with basket. Disc brakes
only $395 no GST