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“Guide on Handling Coughs and Colds in the Elderly
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The Senior's Guide To Paying For At-Home Long-Term Care: 
How Your Home Can Be A Great Asset

Top 7 Mistakes To Avoid For Life Insurance For Seniors
How to Help Protect Older Adults from Telephone and Internet Scams
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Help seniors suffering from mesothelioma find free care and support.
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Elderly Care: A Guide for Families New to Caring
The guide offers lots of helpful information such as:
Getting started on finding care, understanding different and varied care options available, as well as costs and legal considerations when planning for elderly care.
Home modifications and assistive technologies that can improve the daily living of elderly family members.
Support networks and charities that offer help and support for both people in need of elderly care and their families.
Other helpful resources and tools to help family members begin to find the best possible care option for their elderly.