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Our resources pages are designed to assist you to give you information about products and back ground information on the conditions that lead you to buy medical supplies.
We have information on funding for equipment from government funding. People with private insurance through their employer could tape into funding to get most of medical supplies. We recommend you to call your insurance company to inquire about your and your family's medical coverage. Unfortunately many of our clients forget to tap into this useful resource to assist with their financing.

Unlike drugs prescribed by pharmacies, we can not direct bill. We will issue you with paid receipt which you can submit to your insurance company.
As for AADL , WCB, AISH, DVA, (Veterans Affairs) and NIHB we do direct billing after appropriate authorizations are sent to us by case workers or authorizers.
AADL covers a lot of medical equipment such as walkers, bath aids, bed rails and poles, incontinent supplies, recyclable goods. Please call us for guidance.

Please visit the appropreate pages for important information on compression therapy, incontinence and fall prevention.
Indoor Winter Activities You Can Do With Seniors

Winter can bring mounds of fun: pond hockey, skiing, snowmobiling, etc. However, winter can be difficult for some seniors. Older adults might feel frustrated because they are stuck at home due to snowy weather or lonely due to limited social interaction. Elderly loved ones may be experiencing the winter blues or seasonal affective disorder, due to lack of sunlight.
If you are caring for an older loved one or know a senior who could use cheering up, view our list of fun things to do. These activities can bring joy and purpose while stimulating happy memories. To make these activities more meaningful, interact and engage in positive ways while having fun together.
Make comfort foods from a family recipe or online trend, such as fried cauliflower
Bake some cookies (they don't have to be from scratch) and decorate them
Create your own ice cream parlor/soda fountain and make yummy sundaes or an ice cream soda
Make popcorn and add your favourite seasonings or flavours, such as chocolate or garlic
Bring on some summer fun by concocting fruity drinks 
Play a classic board game such as checkers or "Scrabble"
Work together to solve crossword puzzles or other brain games you find in newspapers, magazines or online
Play a video game - it can be a computer game, an app or a console game
Blow bubbles
Deal playing cards and play familiar games, such as "Euchre" or "Cribbage"
Do some chair exercises such as arm and leg raises
Play casual game of catch (be sure to use a foam ball)
Do some basic yoga moves and meditate
Follow along with an aerobic/workout video 
Have a dance party while listening to new and old tunes, depending on your loved one's abilities (you can even teach each other dance moves)