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Rental equipment are required by patients who have undergone surgeries such as kneeand hip  replacement, bunion treatment and others.  These are equiment people need for short term use to assist managable daily living and mobility.
Due to heavy demand of some equipment, renters are requested to call ahead of time to book the equipment. Such bookings can also save time during pick up of rental equipment.Confirmed bookings are done with credit card. People needing to cancel such bookings have to call at leat 48 hours prior to the date of rental. A charge of $20 will be applied for late cancelations.
Rental equipment can be rented for a minimum of one week. Typical rentals are for one month.  Weekly rentals are usually just under half of monthly rate. 
For renters under rental program needing the equipment for a longer time than the due date, MUST call at least a day before the due date to extend. 
Rentals are automatically extended by one week on due date if renters do not call the store to extend. 
Calls for extensions after due
date will be extended AFTER automatic extention of week or weeks - NO Exceptions.
Equipment (especially bath seats, toilet seats and commodes) have to be brought back in a clean condition or additional cost of $20 will be charged for cleaning. 
No refunds/credit for early returns.
Renters will use the rented equipment in a responsible, safe and cautious manner. CalMedi Home Care & Medical Stockings  does not take responsibility or will not be liable for any injury resulting from usage of the rental equipment. 
Equipment Condition
Renters are requested to check the condition of equipment at the time of rental.  All equipment will be checked for defects or damages at the time of rental returns. Equipment damaged due to abuse or negligent use will be charged for damages.
Rental equipment costs are covered under some health insurance plans. Individuals are advised to inquire from their insurance companies.  Individuals have to send such claims to their insurance agencies.  
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