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 Lift chairs are designed to help people who have physical disabilities that make it difficult to sit down and rise  up from chairs. The chairs feature electric motors that raise the chair to an elevated position for the purpose of assisting a user to sit down in the chair and also to help the user rise up from the chair. 
 The sale or lease of a lift chair is zero-rated if it meets the following conditions:
 the lift chair has all the features of a chair;
 the lift chair is specially designed for use by an individual with a disability;
 the lift chair is supplied on the written order of a specified professional for use by a consumer named

 in the order.
 When all these conditions are met, the sale or lease of the lift chair is zero-rated.
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  1. Nexidea trad 15 lift chair calgary NW coop heat and massage option
    Seat Width:49 Seat Height:54 Seat Depth:47 Backrest Height:58 Total Height:106 Total width:98
  2. Deerfoot Cal-LC-39 lift chair
    Seat Width:49 cm Seat Height:47 cm Seat Depth53 cm Total Height:108 cm Total width:75 cm Total depth:88 cm backrest height:71 cm Weight capacity:130KGS
  3. Eclipse Medical 2 Motor lift chairs configurable Calgary NW Elderly fall prevention aid to standing up
    Seat Width:50 Seat Height:49 Seat Depth:41 Total Height:113 Total width:75 Total depth:88 Weight capacity:130KGS
  4. Eclipse Hampton Lift chair 2 motor individual adjustment pillows Calgary NW Coop Home care shoppers
    Hampton Features Infinite Position Head & armrest covers Dual side pockets Digital hand control Removable back Integrated battery back-up General Information Motors 2 Position Range infinite Weight Capacity 375 lbs Overall Width 33.4" Seat Width (inside arms) 22" Seat Depth 20.8" Back Height (sit position) 27.9" Seat Edge to Floor (sit position)20" Seat Edge to Floor (stand position)22.4"
  5. Nexidea Lift chair Tad 10 P T C petit tall heat massage calgary Nw different material button
    Trad 10P VE001-9P 3 position / Petite 5'3" - Below weight capacity:375 lbs seat depth: 20" seat width:21" seat to floor:17.5" back height:25" back width:26" continuous ottoman:yes battery back up:yes recline position:3 heat and massage: optional weight:85 lbs overall size: 36"l x 30"w x 42"h Shown in Grade 3 DU93 Bamboo] VIEW: Normal | Reclining | Up Position
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