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How to measure for a rollator


Measure the handle height
To measure for handle height,
start by standing straight up
with your shoes on. Bend your
arm to approximately a 20˚
to 30˚angle. Have someone
measure from the crease of
your wrist to the ground. This
measurement should be the
approximate height of the

Measure the seat height

Sit in a chair that you are comfortable
in and from which you
can easily rise from. Measure
the floor to seat height and this
will give you an approximate
seat height in a rollator.
Measure your doorways

Find the smallest place you will
need to fit through. Most often,
that is a doorway or hallway.
Ensure that your rollator’s
overall width will go through
this space. A rollator that can
partially fold while walking may
also be used for those smaller