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An orthosis (plural: orthoses) is "an externally applied device used to modify the structural and functional characteristics of the neuromuscular and skeletal system".[1]An orthotist is the primary medical clinician responsible for the prescription, manufacture and management of orthoses. An orthosis may be used to:
Control, guide, limit and/or immobilize an extremity, joint or body segment for a particular reason
To restrict movement in a given direction
To assist movement generally
To reduce weight bearing forces for a particular purpose
To aid rehabilitation from fractures after the removal of a cast
To otherwise correct the shape and/or function of the body, to provide easier movement capability or reduce pain
Orthotics combines knowledge of anatomy and physiology,pathophysiology, biomechanics and engineering. Patients who benefit from an orthosis may have a condition such as spina bifida or cerebral palsy, or have experienced a spinal cord injury or stroke. Equally, orthoses are sometimes used prophylactically or to optimise performance in sport.


aircast boot lower limb
For more than 30 years, medical professionals worldwide have depended on
Aircast for technological breakthroughs in patient care. Rooted in
scientific methods, each Aircast product is developed using the concept
of "functional management." Aircast set a new standard of care for
sprains and other injuries with patented technology and the use of
graduated pneumatic compression..
The Foam Walker provides semi-pneumatic support with Aircast full-shell protection and is available in 4 sizes (small, medium, large and X-large). Foam-filled aircells cushion the ankle for customized comfort and support. This support is effective in fracture healing and managing edema. Includes a hand bulb.
Stable fracture of foot and/or ankle
Severe ankle sprain

Post-operative use
A semi-rigid shell for protection formerly expected only from a cast
A rocker sole to reduce plantar pressures
Pulsating, graduated compression for edema reduction
Custom-inflated aircells maintain proper positioning of leg within brace for enhanced stability
Anthropometric full-shell support
Custom inflated aircells for individual fit and support
Semi-pneumatic compression for improved blood flow and edema management
Lightweight design: rigid foot, flexible around calf for strength, fit and comfort
Full shell protection. Low profile for natural gait. Sealed air-cushioned heel
aircast boots
med spec knee brace with hinge


Gripper (TM) 2 Hinged Knee Brace with 1/8" Neoprene
 Easy to apply wraparound design provides medial and lateral stability and resists downward migration
Features & Benefits:
Internal skinloc patch: works in concert to grip the proximal end of the calf muscle and inhibits the brace from migrating distally
Outer closure straps: straps are made of quality woven elastic and woven nylon material that allows for numerous applications without fraying or losing closure strength
Aluminum hinges: pockets are reinforced with ballistic nylon material to protect stitching from metal hinges and improve durability
1/8" Neoprene material: offers good compression and durability
Open popliteal: minimizes material bunching during flexion to improve comfort
Bilateral design: fits either right or left knee
US manufacturing: higher quality control standards
aso bracing sports medicine calgary nw
ASO® Speed Lacer Ankle Stabilizer (black)
When measuring your Ankle Circumference, please refer to the image below.
Offers good ankle protection with ease of application.
Features & Benefits:
Speed lace closure:allows easier and faster application
Stabilizing straps:form figure-eight to protect and support ankle
Elastic cuff closure: enhances support from stabilizing straps
Low profile: will fit in any type of shoe
Bilateral design: each size fits left or right foot
Breathable nylon boot: enhanced breathablility for long-term wear
US manufacturing: higher quality control standards
Each ankle brace is sold separately.
Machine wash gentle cycle, no bleach.  Air dry.
aso ankle brace sports medicine calgary nw
wrist brace carpal tunnel syndrome sports medicine calgary nw
Ryno Lacer® - black (left)
Features & Benefits:
Wrist & thumb support: one brace to accommodate many different injuries to the region
Singe pull lace closures: significantly easier to apply the brace
Malleable aluminum stays: radial and palmar stays provide superior support to area
Wrap around thumb strap: provides superior thumb stabilization
Uniform circumferential pressure: overall better feel and support
Perforated suede: improves evaporative quality; cooler to wear
Polypropylene felt: wicks moisture away from skin
Stockinette inner sleeve: feels better against skin
Adjustable thumb strap: individual adjustment providing a better fit
US manufacturing: higher quality control standards

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